This system thermosiphon vessel connects and balances the pressure with agitated kettle, which is the main elements of mechanical seal circulation protection system together with mechanical seal.

The vessel is used for the storage, pressure maintenance and cooling of buffer fluid in cartridge mechanical seal. Through the pressure implement, inputting the nitrogen or compressed air into balance vessel, making the pressure 0.05-0.1 MPA higher than that inside medium and insuring the normal operation of cartridge mechanical seal.

The standard prescribed agitated device-mechanical seal circulation protection system and it's methods, functions, procedures, preferred principals and technical provision. For the agitated device the applicable design pressure is -0.1-16 MPA and the temperature is -20°c~+300°c The mechanical seal of agitated shaft, processing the function of lubrication, temperature control, voltage regulation. The working mode can be classified forced circulation and heat convection circulation, and mainly composed by storage tank, pressure vessel, circulation pump, valve and control instrument.
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