- U2030 / U2431 / U2432
Metal Bellow Seal - U2030 / U2431 / U2432
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The LE-CON designed various types of "metal bellow" seals for high temperature moderate pressure applications pumps. Like chemical, petrochemical and refinery process unit, this seals are independence of direction of rotation and suitable for process services requiring corrosion resistance.

Edge welded Metal bellow seals are constructed by series of diaphragm together to form a bellow unit. The bellow unit eliminates the need of springs and provides flexibility to the seal in addition compensates for seal face wear.

This seal is available in two types of elastomer rubber o ring & grafoil to be use in extreme temperature conditions.

The concept is for stock realization, Easy of instillation with strength. Provides firm grip on the rotating element.
To Be Use For:
Operating Limits:
Shaft Diameter : 19mm to 100mm
Pressure : 25 bar
Temperature : -20oC to +400oC
Material Of Construction:
Sealing faces : Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide
Welded bellow : AM 350
Elastomer : Viton, Aflas, Grafoil, Karlez, FEP
Hardware : AlSI 316, Carpenter 42
Part Of Identification:
Rotary Face (Seal Ring)
Stationary Face (Mating Ring)
Other Hardwere
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