- B8046 / GL
Dry Seal - B8046 / GL
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This seals are factory assembled & dynamically tested units cn steel, glass lined and SS mixers, agitator & vessels.

It is multi spring balanced outside mounted seal, this seal are basically used on top entry agitator as dry running seals, this seal can also be use for corrosive services as the metallic components.

The advantage of this seal is does not required any lubricant or any quenching system. It performs best in pharmaceutical applications, corrosive services and food products, when food products or pharmaceutical products are agitated in agitator mixing of any other liquid will contaminate the product & affect its quality, hence these dry running seals are used.
To Be Use For:
Corrosive Chemicals
Food Products
General Light Chemicals
Pharmaceutical Products
Operating Limits:
Shaft Diameter : 20mm to 150mm
Pressure : 20 bar
Temperature : 125 oC
Material Of Construction:
Sealing faces : Carbon, Ceramic (99.5 %), Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Chrome Cast Steel & which are suitable for fluid
Elastomer : Viton, EPDM, Silicon, Aflas, PTFE, GFT, TTV & FEP, Karlez
Hardware : SS 316, Hastelloy C, Monel, Alloy 20
Part Of Identification:
Rotary Face (Seal Ring)
Stationary Face (Mating Ring)
Other Hardwere
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